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Welcome to our fresh start, our happy new year, and the new ace up your sleeve.

We are a full-service boutique marketing agency located in St. John's, on the lovely island of Newfoundland (Canada's eastern tip).

Our team is a balanced blend of seasoned professionals and whippersnappers with skills. No matter what you're looking for, whether a full company rebrand, custom iPhone app or just a quick set of slick business cards, our team is at your service and ready to impress. And we mean really at your service, the way your grandfather talked about his favourite barber.

While Plum laid its roots in the local St. John's marketing sector 16 years ago as DRAY Media, our new name and structure reflect the many changes we've undergone in recent years, and the new direction we're headed for in 2014 and beyond.

We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal clients and meeting many new faces as we begin writing our newest chapter.

Dream big. We’re listening.

Services: branding


We take the unique characteristics and pizazz of your company or product, and then develop a visual representation. We’re all familiar with brands and logos, but what about the process that goes into making one that really shines? That’s where the magic happens. Those identifying features of your brand are what will set you apart from the all the rest. Your branding package can start with a new logo and tagline, plus a style guide with the goods on your new colours, fonts and best practices. Let’s get started...

Services: marketing + advertising


You may not need a new brand or logo, but want to get the word out on the company you’ve built, the product you’ve created, or the public event you’re hosting. That’s when we craft a creative design and marketing strategy that fully encompasses all the right details you’re trying to communicate with the right audience. We make sure your creative platform stands out from your competition in a way that is complementary to your sector. This may include TV or radio ad campaigns, billboards, product packaging, a tradeshow booth, digital signage or a comprehensive brand strategy.

Services: interactive + online


Want to get your message out on the interwebs? How about through ever-growing social media channels? You might even want a custom iPhone app developed? No problem, you’ve found the right team. We create platforms for interactive media both on and offline. From websites and presentations to interactive DVDs and graphic user interfaces (GUIs), there’s not much we don’t cover here. Beyond interactive, we also provide programming, content management systems and animation. To see the big picture, we craft custom online advertising strategies and social media strategies.

Services: SEO + SEM


Not sure how to get on the ball with this? Search engine marketing (SEM) is the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results. SEM often uses search engine optimization (SEO), the careful tweaking of your web content to bring you higher in Google’s search results. Is this stuff important? In 2012, North American advertisers spent $19.51 billion (US) on search engine marketing. Let us get into the inner workings of your site and make sure the Google robots know exactly what you do, where you are in the world, and who you want to be found by.

Services: public relations


We can help you communicate exactly what you need to say in the best way possible. You might just need a news release written about a new location, or you might need a crisis communications strategy put in place to always be prepared. We create and increase the awareness you need by communicating and implementing your organization’s message in the right way at the right time. Our methods include developing public relations strategies, setting up media monitoring to see what the public buzz is about your brand, and sending out targeted news releases and social media updates through the right channels.

Services: individual strengths


We at Plum bring a few extra skills to the table beyond our usual work tasks - which is a bonus to our clients, who regularly avail of our extra in-house services. Darrell runs his own photography business, so, a high-quality custom photoshoot for your next ad campaign is never a waiting game. Xiaoyu has a keen interest and fresh training in app development, which is also done in-house. Emilie has a background in journalism and has been a published writer for the last six years, providing copywriting services to a variety of clients on multiple projects. Several of our team members also offer in-house tech support.

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